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What Type of Lockers Suit Your Business Well
Posted by secdfw on November 9th Cody Whitehair Bears Jersey , 2017

Any small business or institution that needs storage along with security should possess lockers of high standard and quality. Quality lockers are not used just for business related operations, but can also be used by customers to safeguard their valuables depending upon the business type. So it is mandatory for business purposes to choose the right locker set that suits the business and customer requirementwell. There are a number of different commonly used locker types in Dallas for businesses.

Standard Lockers

Standard lockers are versatile lockers that are ideal for just about any type of usage. These are lockers made of steel with commendable rigidity and stiffness that can be put in just about any normal application. They have cross frames with availability of multi-tier lockers. They are available in multiple materials apart from steel and with several configurations.

Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers

As the name suggests, heavy duty ventilated Lockers are intended for solid usage in demanding environments. These are extremely rigid lockers that are long lasting. These lockers are made of rugged, steel doors, and a heavy gauge body that makes them a safe and secure option for storing valuables.

In spite of being designed for rugged and heavy duty usage, these lockers look clean and are reliable options in an open environment where durable performance is important. They are available in multiple configurations like single tier or double tierfor multiple person usage etc.

Quiet Lockers

Quiet lockers are discreet lockers that can be used for storing critical valuables in any business environment. These are quiet lockers often for lighter duty usage and better ease of operation. These lockers can be customized as per the requirement of the business application.

Qwik Ship Lockers

Qwik Ship lockers are multipurpose lockers thatare used for a wide range of applications. These are traditionally louvered door lockers designed for storing all types of personal belongings of individuals or the valuable items of a business.These are customizable lockers that can be assembled on site at the business location. These lockers in Texas are available in several sizes and shapes like Single, double tier, box and multi robe configurations.

Metal Lockers

Typically, standard metal lockers are used for normal daily use ofstoring materials for individuals. Schools, businesses, health & sports facilities in Texas often make use of standard metal lockers for patrons to store their essentials.

Designer Wood Lockers

Designer wooden lockers are fancier looking and more luxurious lockers that are often used in health clubs spas or office environments. Elegant first class spas, health centers or other luxury businesses choose wood lockers and provide them to customers for storing their valuables. These are fancy, heavy duty lockers that come with high scores for durability.

Plastic lockers

Made of hard virgin plastic that are built for standard and heavy duty usage, plastic lockers meet many requirements. They are used in many business or institutional environments for storing utilities that are moderately valuable. They are comparatively less costly with reliable security.

These are the many types of lockers Dallas businesses use to meet various business demands. All locker types can be customized with the required size or shape to meet the specific needs of the business or individual.

About the Author

Secdfw or STORAGE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. is a major distributor of leading storage products and material handling equipment in the DallasFt. Worth area. They have a large inventory of shelving, pallet rack, storage cabinets, lockers, work benches etc. For deliveries in the DFW area, they use their own company trucks and drivers.
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